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Harrington Raceway Entries
Wednesday Sep 28, 2022 Post Time:4:30 PM
Matt's Picks: 3-1-5
1st  NW2PMLTCD $7,500 Trot
1. Brief Legacy (Vi Kirby) 4-1, Showed good speed before yielding late in his OD finale. Great spot to employ similar strategy.
2. Foxbriar Spooky (Co Poliseno) 20-1
3. Sonero (Ja Dennis) 5-2, 2nd time lasix off a solid effort. Would give tepid nod here.
4. Little Georgie (Ja Thompson) 20-1
5. Sunset Sail (Ar Stafford Jr) 7-2, Earned maiden win on 9-21 and finds another great opportunity here.
6. Gooville (Co Callahan) 6-1
7. Pine Rocket (Al Davis) 7-2
8. Marvin B Swift (Ro Plante Jr) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 2-5-1
2nd  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Trot
1. Count Quikula (Ro Wolfenden) 4-1, One of 5 trotters in for CG barn tonight, this one picked up a check in his 2nd try on the track and 1st try with hopples.
2. Kodack Black (Mo Teague) 7-5, Appears to be able to trot very fast but has been rough gaited at times. Short price ahead and if he behaves he is going to be very hard to beat.
3. Come On Ellis (Ja Dennis) 9-2
4. Rob's Road (Pa Berry) 9-1
5. Reddy Fox (Ja Moyer) 9-2, Another CG trainee, he's shown some early speed in PA already but makes small track debut here.
6. Youngbuck (Co Callahan) 7-1
Matt's Picks: 3-1-5
3rd  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Trot
1. I Got It Made (Mi Cole) 7-5, Broke maiden nicely here on 9-21, rail isn't a great spot usually for young trotters but certainly he hasn't done much wrong to date.
2. Royal Mistake (Ki Vincent) 10-1
3. Perfect Twenty (Vi Kirby) 2-1, He's trotted in 1:56 on bigger track but comes into this off a rough gaited mile on bigger track.
4. Carls Legacy (Ja Thompson) 8-1
5. Hespookshescores (Ru Foster) 6-1, Has been competitive in solid groups of NW 2 in PA and may be better gaited than #3.
6. Paleface (Al Davis) 6-1
Matt's Picks: 1-2-3
4th  NW5PMLTCD $11,000 Trot
1. Tiger King (Ja Thompson) 7-2, Note the drop for team Scott from NW 9, should advance from here.
2. Tua (Mo Teague) 7-2, Has a win this meet in the class and should have a great seat from here!
3. Cotton Candy Cutie (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-1, Newcomer has gone some good miles on bigger track. Aggressive filly may adapt well.
4. Paymaq (Al Davis) 5-2
5. Punches Pride (Ro Wolfenden) 9-1
6. Shes All Woman (Vi Kirby) 3-1
7. Cowboy Charlie (Co Callahan) 20-1
8. All Lies (Ja Porter) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 7-1-5
5th  NW9001L5 $11,000 Trot
1. Emmys Mayflower (Pa Berry) 5-1, Note she's debuting for Berry barn. Has plenty of talent and qualified in ready fashion.
2. Need Luck N (Br Brittingham) 7-2, Has been a bit more consistent of late and drew into a much better spot tonight as he aims to build on that progress.
3. Happy That (Co Callahan) 8-1
4. Air Time (Ca Poliseno) 20-1
5. Manatlas (Ja Porter) 7-1
6. Cantab's Master (Ru Foster) 15-1
7. Secret Jet (Al Davis) 9-5, Class of the group has not been as sharp as we've seen him but the resume is still too good to ignore.
8. Spee Club (Mo Teague) 6-1
Matt's Picks: 2-7-8
6th  WO9000L5 $15,000 Trot
1. Poets N Pirates (Pa Berry) 10-1
2. Capstone (Al Davis) 7-2, Had an easy win with NW 9, ascends tonight but is in a great spot to use his speed.
3. Quiksilvr Bluechip (Vi Kirby) 5-1
4. Lizzy Lauxmont (Ru Foster) 6-1
5. Embrace The Grind (Mi Cole) 10-1
6. Pass Key (Ar Stafford Jr) 8-1
7. Monarch (Mo Teague) 4-1, Flattened out late last time but body of work still impressive. Can he get some racing luck?
8. Ginger Tree Skyr (Co Callahan) 9-2, Won two straight impressively but has a stiffer test ahead here.
Matt's Picks: 6-1-4
7th  HG MAIDEN $6,500 Pace
1. Springtime Seeds (Ja Porter) 7-2, Has 2 recent runner up finishes in the class but has displayed the propensity to make breaks of late and that's concerning.
2. Uthinktoomuch (Do Long) 20-1
3. Papa Rosa (Ro Wolfenden) 20-1
4. Rock A Honey (Ja Thompson) 7-1, 2nd time starter had a quality effort in Canada. Debuts for JH barn, but will note he has been off since 8-22.
5. Go With The Roll (Al Davis) 5-1
6. Country Courtesy (Mo Teague) 7-5, Clear one to beat, newcomer is coming off a strong rally at the big M in the NJ Classic. Only knock is lack of half mile experience.
7. Cherryize (Pa Berry) 9-1
8. Forever Joe K (Ar Stafford Jr) 8-1
Matt's Picks:2-4-3
8th  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Trot
1. Bluemoonrising (Ro Wolfenden) 8-1
2. Starlight Lounge (Al Davis) 5-2, Dusty Winner gelding is coming into this in good form off a solid attempt last week and has been good gaited thus far.
3. Miss Daburg (Pa Berry) 9-2, Daughter of Anders Bluestone was a beaten chalk in her only pari-mutuel start, probably needed the race and looking for improvemenet now.
4. Royal Flirt (Ki Vincent) 5-2, Strong 2nd in her race vs. most of these in overnight on 9-21. Can't blame you for liking the Yankee Royalty filly here.
5. Lady Brass (Ru Foster) 2-1
6. Gliding Trout (Mo Teague) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 2-6-4
9th  HGNW3501L5 $6,000 Pace
1. Manone (Co Callahan) 4-1
2. Gotta Minute N (Ar Stafford Jr) 2-1, Descends for team Bailey, has had success here with similar and is likely favorite.
3. Valiente Stride (Pa Berry) 20-1
4. Silver Fox J (Mi Cole) 5-2, Aggressive veteran gets some class relief and has always been best when positioned on or near the lead.
5. Senor Macray A (Ro Wolfenden) 7-1
6. Velocity Ian (Al Davis) 12-1, Newcomer for team Bradley went some nice miles on bigger track and may be an interesting addition to the ranks.
7. Osborne Seelster (Vi Kirby) 8-1
8. The Bus A (De Donoway) 20-1
Matt's Picks:  1-7-5
10th  NW5PMLTCD $11,000 Trot
1. Swans Cash Prise (Vi Copeland) 3-1, Filly has been competitive in the class and caught potentially easier split.
2. Serenade Street (Ba Dalious) 20-1
3. Freedom Express (Ja Atkinson) 7-2, Runner up in the class last time and does find a bit softer spot here.
4. Explosive Hall (Mi Cole) 12-1
5. Going Gaa Gaa (Co Callahan) 9-1
6. Just Pump It (Ar Stafford Jr) 10-1
7. Jbn (Vi Kirby) 4-1, Comes off a solid try in the class and that may catapult him into more consistent form spree.
8. Whitesville Tug (Ja Porter) 7-2
Matt's Picks: 5-2-4
11th  HG MAIDEN $6,500 Pace
1. Governor Wynnfield (Ru Foster) 12-1
2. Spinologist (Co Poliseno) 3-1, Camera shy but still one of more consistent performers in field.
3. Jimmy Andrew (De Donoway) 8-1
4. Chaching (Al Davis) 9-2, Has been improving of late, showed some late pace in last.
5. Deluego (Ja Moyer) 6-1, Probably needed last start and aiming for him to take a big step forward now.
6. Beach Heir (Mi Cole) 12-1
7. Imastunner (Pa Berry) 2-1
8. Buttermilk Bizcuts (Ja Porter) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 2-3-1
12th  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Trot
1. Lilmisswontbewrong (Co Callahan) 3-1, Stayed flat in both qualifiers and appears headed in the right direction though we know 2-year-old trotters are difficult to predict.
2. She Is Strong (Ar Stafford Jr) 5-2, She qualified better than most in field and is in a barn known for success with young trotters.
3. Gold Rate (Vi Kirby) 2-1, Not much to gauge this one by, but the one qualifying effort was adequate on bigger track.
4. Dawnthedestroyer (Al Davis) 3-1
5. Fairlee (Ju Vincent) 5-1
Matt's Picks: 7-2-5
13th  NW3501L5 $6,000 Trot
1. Trixar (Ja Porter) 5-1
2. Command The Fire (Ja Thompson) 9-2, Rock solid of late with landing on the bottom of ticket, looking for one better here.
3. Hehehaha (Ho Davis) 8-1
4. Whitesville Dixon (Ru Foster) 15-1
5. Touch Of White (Co Callahan) 2-1, Improved a great deal in last pair and looks to build on that confidence.
6. Affair Of Honor (Ro Wolfenden) 12-1
7. Faithfulandtrue (Mi Cole) 5-1, Erratic sort but brings the most talent to the table here.
8. Overserved (Vi Kirby) 7-1
Matt's Picks: 4-7-8
14th  HGNW2PMLT $7,500 Pace
1. Cc (Vi Kirby) 6-1, Newbie debuts for new barn as an Illinois export, drew into great spot for local debut.
2. Arty's On Time (Ri Still) 5-1
3. All Said And Done (Ro Plante Jr) 20-1
4. Cole Thornton (Ar Stafford Jr) 7-2, Strong off a pocket trip last time and may be the chalk from here.
5. Man In The Box (Ro Wolfenden) 8-1
6. Prinz Of Albi Hill (Mi Greene) 20-1
7. Howmacs Hank (Ba Dalious) 7-2, Consistently competitive in the class, but can he overcome draw?
8. Blue Collar Bills (Ru Foster) 3-1
Matt's Picks: 4-1-2
15th  HGNW2PMLT $7,500 Pace
1. Beantownboy (Ja Porter) 3-1, Rallied well despite poor post last time, deceptively sharp right now and an upset threat.
2. Im A Stable Genius (Pa Berry) 7-2, Arrow is trending upward here off two quality efforts and maintains inside post position.
3. Whiskey Maverick (De Donoway) 20-1
4. Swing Vision (Mi Cole) 3-2, Broke maiden in last and just may be faster than this group!
5. Billy Be Good (Mi Greene) 10-1
6. Always B Wayne (Ro Wolfenden) 7-1
7. Hangry (Ba Dalious) 20-1
8. Boogie Shoes (Ru Foster) 20-1
Harrington Raceway Entries
Monday Oct 03, 2022 Post Time:4:30 PM
Matt's Picks: 4-7-1
1st  HGNW4PMLT $10,000 Pace
1. Rapid Pulse (Ru Foster) 4-1, Ultra consistent for team Bright, looks to continue the aggressive trend here.
2. Illini Hank (Ja Thompson) 20-1
3. Twist Knot (Co Callahan) 4-1
4. Elm Grove Quail (Ja Porter) 5-1, Has 2 recent wins and both attempts here were very good.
5. Westender (Pa Berry) 8-1
6. Donoghue Seelster (Al Davis) 7-1
7. Prayforthewicked (Mi Cole) 3-1, Runner up last start - remains strong contender in the class.
8. Smirking (Ja Morand) 8-1
Matt's Picks: 1-6-4
2nd  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Pace
1. Ajayi (Mo Teague) 7-5, Cut the mile in a tougher division in round one elim, looks to bounce back here.
2. Cj Jet (Ja Thompson) 20-1
3. I'mroddythebagman (Ro Wolfenden) 20-1
4. Delightinhisglory (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-5, Runner up last time at a big price with marked improvement. Promising effort to build on.
5. Marshal Dillon (Co Callahan) 7-1
6. Rod's Beach (Pa Berry) 4-1, Didn't fire last time but was in a tougher division and can rebound.
7. Nozy Lynx (Ru Foster) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 4-6-5
3rd  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Pace
1. Showdown Lynx (Ro Wolfenden) 5-1
2. Dab Me Up (Ja Porter) 8-1
3. Meg A Bags (Ja Dennis) 20-1
4. He's A Savage (Pa Berry) 9-5, Runner up in round one, solid debut and can progress now in 2nd start.
5. Sweetest Swing (Ar Stafford Jr) 7-2, Finally a good draw and liked the effort last time from an outside post.
6. Bad Boy Too (Vi Kirby) 5-2, Was wire-to-wire winner last time and mid pack post may permit another aggressive attempt.
7. Bad Colt (Mo Teague) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 4-5-6
4th  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Pace
1. Hay Cisco (Ru Foster) 12-1
2. Fancy Lynx (Mo Teague) 7-1
3. Double Bags (Al Davis) 12-1
4. Night Terror (Ro Plante Jr) 9-5, He's won 2 straight impressively and is most experienced in field.
5. Cards A Flyin (Ar Stafford Jr) 8-5, Debuted with a solid front end effort and win, this will be tougher.
6. Badlands Casino (Mi Cole) 7-2, Faced deeper split in last, post disadvantage tonight.
Matt's Picks: 7-6-8
5th  WOSELECTHC $17,500 Pace
1. Justasec N (Sh Lare) 5-1
2. Bodega Bay (Ar Stafford Jr) 20-1
3. Big City Bud (Ja Thompson) 7-1
4. Major Pocket A (Pa Berry) 10-1
5. Bell's David (Vi Kirby) 9-1
6. Shoobee Doo A (Co Callahan) 5-2, Notched 3rd win of meet vs. weaker, more than capable of ascending here.
7. Mack (Mi Cole) 4-1, Was gaining late but had too much to do last time. Another outside draw but can't count this gutsy 5-year-old easily.
8. Movin' On Up (Al Davis) 9-2, He's had a terrific season and is approaching $200k in seasonal earnings.
Matt's Picks: 3-5-1
6th  DSBF ELIM $20,000 Pace
1. Luck Is A Lynx (Mo Teague) 7-2, Beaten fave off a first over trip where he tired last week. Aiming for better now.
2. Billy Boy B (Al Davis) 20-1
3. Gaitway Guy (Co Callahan) 7-5, Nice rally to prevail last week at a price. Cat's out of the bag here.
4. Georgy T (Ro Wolfenden) 9-2
5. Buzzle (Ar Stafford Jr) 3-1, Gave a solid outing in debut and saw enough to warrant consideration here.
6. Notte's Mist (Ja Porter) 8-1
Matt's Picks: 5-1-2
7th  HNW12501L5 $13,500 Pace
1. Got The Mojo (Ar Stafford Jr) 5-2, Descends for team Ell and landed in a great spot to bid for 2nd win in 3 starts.
2. Bipbopnallie (Al Davis) 2-1, As been on his game for team Leblanc, have to respect his assertive and consistent form spree.
3. Bettor At Hightide (Ja Porter) 10-1
4. Sir Charles Of Sky (Ba Dalious) 8-1
5. Ocean Ridge N (Co Callahan) 7-2, Newcomer has chased some quality company this year and stands out on paper but can he handle small track?
6. Never Say Never N (Mi Cole) 12-1
7. Dancinat Midland (Ru Foster) 20-1
8. Metallica (Ja Thompson) 15-1
Matt's Picks:
8th  25-35000CL $14,000 Pace
1. See You Tuesday (Ro Wolfenden) 4-1
2. Ding Ding Dinger (Ar Stafford Jr) 15-1
3. What About David (Mo Teague) 5-1
4. Doubleagentman (Al Davis) 6-1
5. Win Not Lou (Ja Lynch) 7-2
6. Aberdeen Hanover (Co Callahan) 5-1
7. Real Surreal (Pa Berry) 9-2
8. Sun Of A Show (Ru Foster) 9-1
Matt's Picks:
9th  HGWO5/NW9 $13,500 Pace
1. Jumpin Jim Finn (Ar Stafford Jr) 7-1
2. Mad Man Hill (Pa Berry) 3-1
3. Blood Feud (Ro Wolfenden) 7-2
4. Jollity (Ja Porter) 4-1
5. Downers Delight (Ba Dalious) 6-1
6. High St Corridor (Vi Kirby) 20-1
7. It's Above Me Now (Mo Teague) 5-1
8. Gold Star Sven (Mi Cole) 12-1
Matt's Picks:
10th  HGNW4PMLT $10,000 Pace
1. War Of Will (Ru Foster) 5-2
2. Lyons Sharpie (Al Davis) 3-1
3. Mom's Little World (Mo Teague) 10-1
4. Milan Blu (Ja Porter) 8-1
5. I Roddy (Ja Thompson) 6-1
6. Step On Over (Mi Cole) 10-1
7. Twin B Raptor (Co Callahan) 3-1
8. Part Time Affair (Pa Berry) 20-1
Matt's Picks:
11th  HGWO5/NW9 $13,500 Pace
1. Shakespeare (Al Davis) 3-2
2. Cntnobdytelmenothn (Mo Teague) 3-1
3. Lyons Music (Ja Lynch) 5-1
4. Yankee Litigator (Co Callahan) 6-1
5. Rj Sports Image (Vi Kirby) 10-1
6. Bettor In Cash (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-1
7. Outclassed (Ja Thompson) 20-1
8. Last Bet (Ru Foster) 20-1
Matt's Picks:
12th  HGNW6PMLT $11,500 Pace
1. All The Chips (Ro Wolfenden) 9-5
2. Moment To Shine (Ba Dalious) 20-1
3. Ats Hanover (Al Davis) 12-1
4. H T Three (Mo Teague) 4-1
5. Rocknroll Gold (Ar Stafford Jr) 2-1
6. Mr Overbite (Pa Berry) 6-1
7. Under Contract (Mi Cole) 20-1
8. Victory Move (Co Poliseno) 20-1
Matt's Picks:
13th  NW8501L5 $11,000 Pace
1. Harambe Deo (Ro Wolfenden) 2-1
2. Leonard's Legacy (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-5
3. Oh K Man (Vi Kirby) 20-1
4. Outcry (Ja Thompson) 6-1
5. Virgil N (Co Callahan) 7-1
6. Proper One (Co Poliseno) 20-1
7. Princeoftheforest (Mo Teague) 7-1
8. Declan Seelster (Ru Foster) 20-1
Matt's Picks:
14th  NW5501L5 $8,500 Pace
1. Owosso Flash (Mo Teague) 9-2
2. D Day Hill (Ja Porter) 6-1
3. Shady's Shark Bait (Pa Berry) 7-1
4. Avatar J (Ar Stafford Jr) 7-2
5. Jk Wildfire (Vi Kirby) 4-1
6. Twin B Laker (Al Davis) 6-1
7. Panther's Pinot (Ri Still) 20-1
8. All Night Party (Mi Cole) 7-1
15th  NW3501L5 $6,000 Pace
1. Slipin Skip (De Donoway) 7-5
2. Watch My Beverage (Mi Cole) 8-1
3. Aidan (Ja Thompson) 20-1
4. Marc In The Box (Ro Wolfenden) 5-1
5. Archie And Emerson (Mo Teague) 5-2
6. Letsmakeawish (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-1
7. Foxbriar Romeo (Co Poliseno) 20-1
8. Can We Dance (Ba Dalious) 20-1