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Harrington Raceway Entries
Tuesday Jun 28, 2022 Post Time:4:30 PM
Matt's Picks: 7-4-3
1st  HGNW4PMLT $10,000 Pace
1. Hes Stalking You (Ar Stafford Jr) 12-1
2. Part Time Affair (An Morgan) 10-1
3. Fern Hill Flight (Sh Lare) 9-2, Regressed a bit in his last but remains a competitive option in the class.
4. It'spronounced Jif (Mo Teague) 8-5, Runner up in 2 straight DSBF elims, this is likely softer company and he's coming into this in top form.
5. Manone (Co Callahan) 15-1
6. Always A Look (Pa Berry) 8-1
7. Alternate Universe (Al Davis) 3-1, He's won 2 straight in impressive fashion. Had no problem in the class last week.
8. Smirking (Ja Morand) 12-1
Matt's Picks: 5-4-1
2nd  NW5501L5 $8,500 Pace
1. Bodega Bay (An Morgan) 4-1, Veteran's last 2 miles were very good for team Ewing, should remain competitive from here but faces some depth in field.
2. Dancinat Midland (Pa Berry) 7-2
3. Saratoga Blue Chip (Ro Wolfenden) 8-1
4. Myst Or Mystique (Mo Teague) 10-1, Raced very well in local debut, needed last start and could be a handful here!
5. All Night Party (Mi Cole) 3-1, He's faced much tougher company of late, mid pack draw is perfect and expecting speed.
6. Full View (Ba Dalious) 10-1
7. D Day Hill (Ar Stafford Jr) 20-1
8. Sir Charles Of Sky (Ru Foster) 4-1
Matt's Picks: 1-8-5
3rd  15000CL $12,000 Pace
1. Lifetime Delight (Al Lynch Jr) 9-5, Crushed conditioned foes at a price last time, moves back into claiming ranks.
2. Blow A Cloud N (Ja Thompson) 7-1
3. Clean Shave (Ba Dalious) 15-1
4. Baltimore Jack N (Ju Vincent) 20-1
5. Moxley (Br Brittingham) 7-2, Kicked home well from an outside slot on 6-20, hails from high percentage connections.
6. Major Escape (An Morgan) 7-2
7. Letsmakeawish (Co Callahan) 12-1
8. Jonah (Mo Teague) 8-1, Comes off a win for team Sullivan, but loses post edge and has a much tougher task tonight.
Matt's Picks: 6-2-5
4th  NW8501L5 $11,000 Pace
1. Hey Run Me Over (Co Callahan) 4-1
2. Thatswhatisaid N (Sh Lare) 5-2, He's been favored vs. better of late and held his own. One of the main players.
3. Gotta Minute N (Ar Stafford Jr) 6-1
4. Gallic Beach (Mo Teague) 6-1
5. Princeoftheforest (Ru Foster) 7-1, Descends for Switzer, finds easier grouping and looking to advance.
6. Colossal Stride A (Ro Wolfenden) 7-2, Talented veteran has done best work on bigger tracks but brings ample back class to the table here for top barn.
7. Slipin Skip (Pa Berry) 20-1
8. Major Custard (Vi Kirby) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 8-7-6
5th  M OPEN HC $20,000 Pace
1. Anneke (Pa Berry) 9-1
2. My Kiwi Lady N (Mo Teague) 5-1
3. Edge Of Eternity (Ba Dalious) 6-1
4. Nikasa N (Ja Dennis) 20-1
5. A Delightful Act N (Ro Wolfenden) 7-1
6. Bolt Of Beauty (Ru Foster) 3-1, Fresh invader was competing at a high level on NY circuit. Should adapt well.
7. Feeling Sweet (Mi Cole) 5-1, Has been terrific throughout year, may get jump on #8 tonight.
8. Incaseyoudidntknow (Ja Morand) 9-2, Track record holder is razor sharp! Has her work cut out here though.
Matt's Picks: 3-5-4
6th  HNW20001L5 $15,000 Pace
1. Thornbush Hanover (Ja Thompson) 12-1
2. Stunners Wish (An Morgan) 12-1
3. Movin' On Up (Al Davis) 7-2, Competitive group of rivals, this one beat similar here on 6-6 and was runner up twice straight vs. Open types.
4. Sprocket (Pa Berry) 4-1, Moves inside for team Berry and is likely to employ his aggressive tactics here.
5. Mack (Mi Cole) 5-1, In good form for Columbo but has been facing stiff competition. This is a marginally weaker grouping and I like the mid pack post.
6. Slick Tony (Mo Teague) 3-1
7. Virgil N (Co Callahan) 20-1
8. Keep On Rocking A (Vi Kirby) 5-1
Matt's Picks: 6-1-8
7th  35-50000CL $14,500 Pace
1. Outcry (Al Davis) 5-1, Wasn't able to gain significantly late in 6-20 race but the form spree is still very good and love the draw for him here.
2. Flying Wingard A (An Morgan) 10-1
3. Power Of Tell (Al Lynch Jr) 6-1
4. Sun Of A Show (Ar Stafford Jr) 5-1
5. Nox Vegas Bluechip (Mo Teague) 7-2
6. Wrappers Delight A (Ba Dalious) 9-2, Runner up last time from post 8, should remain competitive here for leading barn.
7. Never Say Never N (Co Callahan) 5-1
8. Major Pocket A (Pa Berry) 12-1, Hard hitting 9-year-old has been competitive all meet long, tough road ahead from here but he's capable.
Matt's Picks: 5-1-2
8th  25000CL $13,500 Pace
1. Win Not Lou (Ja Lynch) 6-1, 3rd try off claim, finds familiar spot and should have position.
2. See You Tuesday (Ro Wolfenden) 5-1, Saved ground and held for a share in his last, can repeat that trip from here.
3. Doubleagentman (Pa Berry) 7-2
4. Mister Indiana (Co Callahan) 7-1
5. Star Messenger (Ba Dalious) 9-5, Has two wins at the meet for CC barn, would give him the nod.
6. Oh K Man (Mo Teague) 12-1
7. Monty's Play (Al Davis) 20-1
8. Iminurblindspot (Ar Stafford Jr) 8-1
Matt's Picks: 6-2-4
9th  HGWO6/NW9L $13,500 Pace
1. Phils Sun (Vi Kirby) 7-1
2. P L Ozzy (Co Callahan) 3-1, Paced a 1:50.4 mile on big track and brings an impressive resume here but his best work has come on big tracks.
3. Jk Lucky Charms (Pa Berry) 12-1
4. Bettor At Hightide (Mo Teague) 3-1
5. Capt Jack Hanover (Ja Dennis) 12-1
6. Metallica (An Morgan) 5-2, Has been the scourge of the group with 2 dominant wins. The likely fave to get the hat trick.
7. Gold Star Sven (Mi Cole) 7-1
8. Machpheus (Ru Foster) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 5-6-8
10th  NW3501L5 $6,000 Pace
1. Kokanee Seelster (Co Callahan) 6-1
2. Owosso Flash (Ju Vincent) 20-1
3. Senor Macray A (Ar Stafford Jr) 12-1
4. Safensound Hanover (Mi Cole) 20-1
5. Archie And Emerson (Mo Teague) 3-2, Drops in class for team Switzer, he and #6 may be a cut above here.
6. Big City Bud (Al Davis) 8-5, Beaten 2 lengths with better in his last from an outside post, poses a legitimate threat with #5 being the main challenger.
7. Beach Fire K (Ba Dalious) 20-1
8. Tru Lou (An Morgan) 10-1, 10th start of season and still looking for first win but has faced largely tougher company.
Matt's Picks: 4-2-1
11th  HGNW6PMLT $11,500 Pace
1. Rj Sports Image (Vi Kirby) 9-2, Uber competitive 4-year-old, one of more competitive options in field but has some stalwarts in this grouping.
2. Confidence Man (Al Davis) 5-2, This is a talented horse who had a powerful score last time. Gets fresh threat in #4.
3. Brutus Bayama (Mo Teague) 5-1
4. Royal Tang (Ru Foster) 2-1, Dominated in his last 2 at Yonkers and excited to see his 1st here off those miles.
5. Under Contract (Mi Cole) 20-1
6. Outclassed (Co Callahan) 7-1
7. Victory Move (Co Poliseno) 20-1
8. Due West (Ar Stafford Jr) 15-1
Matt's Picks: 4-1-8
12th  15000CL $12,000 Pace
1. Rickybobbynthehaus (Co Callahan) 5-2, Runner up on class drop last time and may have needed last start. Value option.
2. I'm Burlington N (Ru Foster) 9-1
3. Osborne Seelster (Pa Berry) 15-1
4. Machaholic (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-5, Razor sharp with 3 straight wins and hard to go against here.
5. Johnny Q (Br Brittingham) 5-2
6. Fashion Bythebeach (Vi Kirby) 20-1
7. Marc In The Box (Ro Wolfenden) 20-1
8. Itaintezbeincheesy (Al Davis) 20-1, Back to claiming ranks after a solid attempt with conditioned foes in his last.
Matt's Picks: 5-7-1
13th  HGNW6PMLT $11,500 Pace
1. Ats Hanover (Al Davis) 5-2, Off the board of late, but finds a much better opportunity for JH barn.
2. Breakout Session (An Morgan) 8-1
3. Moment To Shine (Pa Berry) 10-1
4. Bare It Hill (Co Callahan) 12-1
5. Marksman Hanover (Ar Stafford Jr) 9-2, Hard to find fault with any of his starts here, ultra consistent and one of better options in class.
6. Mr Overbite (Vi Kirby) 12-1
7. It's Above Me Now (Mo Teague) 2-1, Had a very good stint through DSBF races, this should be an easier spot but draw hurts.
8. Shakespeare (Ty Davis) 7-1
Matt's Picks: 6-2-1
14th  HGWO6/NW9L $13,500 Pace
1. Captain Groovy (Pa Berry) 5-1, Hasn't won one yet this year, but has been close several times in the class and this is his best post yet.
2. Lyons Music (Ja Lynch) 6-1, Has had horrible post luck of late, looking for improved finish here.
3. Yankee Litigator (Co Callahan) 5-1
4. Bell's David (Vi Kirby) 3-1
5. Beach Demon (An Morgan) 20-1
6. Blood Feud (Ro Wolfenden) 9-2, Hard hitter has been in photo finishes in 2 straight. One of the major players.
7. Avion Seelster (Ba Dalious) 7-2
8. Bettor In Cash (Ar Stafford Jr) 20-1
Matt's Picks: 3-2-1
15th  MNW12501L5 $13,500 Pace
1. Sweet Bobbie (An Morgan) 2-1, Inside trio here is a formidable set and this veteran gives her all on the regular.
2. Michelle's Jazz (Vi Kirby) 5-2, Softer spot for team Malone, she's been in the mix in the last 3 against quality foes.
3. Western Secret A (Mi Cole) 9-2, Solid performer who loves the track, hails from leading barn and gets post break tonight. Should offer value.
4. Sunshineatthebeach (Al Davis) 9-2
5. Flirty Forty (Co Callahan) 7-1
6. Peaks Cruiser (Ar Stafford Jr) 12-1
7. In And Out Again (Ja Porter) 20-1
8. Rock N Shard N (Ty Davis) 20-1